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Bakkafrost Wins Silver at the Olympics!

Bakkafrost Wins Silver at the Olympics!

The Scottish Culinary team won silver at the IKA Culinary Olympics 2024 in Stuttgart, Germany. The prestigious event has been repeated every four years since 1900.

On February 4, the Scottish Culinary Team, coordinated by Scottish Chefs (Federation of Chefs Scotland) competed against 24 other National Culinary Teams and 1200 chefs. Each team created a three-course menu for 110 guests. Two days later, they served a Chef’s Table six-course menu for 12 guests.

Bakkafrost Scotland was delighted to sponsor the team, showcasing the best of Scottish produce on a global stage. Their final dish features our Label Rouge Scottish salmon.

Before the Culinary Olympics, we had the pleasure of welcoming some of the Scottish Culinary team to our site on the Isle of Mull. Offering an opportunity to meet our team raising salmon and gain valuable insight into the product and our sustainable production.

This achievement reflects not only the talent of the culinary team but also the richness and quality of Scottish ingredients. Congratulations again to the team on this remarkable achievement!

For more information about this prestigious event, visit: IKA TV | Final Award Ceremony 2024

Kevin MacGillivray, Scottish Chefs Executive Committee said: “Without the support of sponsors like Bakkafrost we wouldn’t be able to win and participate in these competitions and that would mean that Scotland wasn’t represented on the global stage.

“Since Brexit, we’ve had challenges getting produce to some of the countries we compete in but with Bakkafrost’s export capabilities it really takes the pressure off.

“The main reason we love working with Bakkafrost however is the fantastic Scottish salmon it produces. This year we used the whole salmon – a salmon tartare, ballotine with mussel mouse and Scottish seaweed, and a ravioli using the belly of the fish.

“Label Rouge Scottish Salmon is a world class product and the judges were impressed with the quality of the salmon. We highlighted the local sourcing on the menu and that was recognised by the judges, too.”

Su Cox, Communications and New Business Development Director, Bakkafrost Scotland finished: “Congratulations to the talented chefs in the Scottish Culinary Team for their outstanding achievement.

“Supporting Scottish chefs with Scottish produce is great awareness of the talent and produce we have available. Scotland deserves to be represented on a global platform and with salmon being the second largest export product it highlights the nation's importance in the global economy and draws attention to its considerable contribution to the international market. ”