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Recirculating Aquaculture System (RAS).


In January we lodged a proposal of application notice (PAN) for a ‘recirculating aquaculture system’ (RAS) facility at Hunterston Port and Resource Centre (PARC). Following on from this and taking into account the feedback we received from our stakeholder engagement meetings and events, we are in the final stages of preparing our planning proposals which will be in two stages.

In order to ensure progress on site, the first stage will see the submission of a local grounds work application which will be submitted first. It should be noted that this application will seek consent only for initial site preparation works (earthworks) in relation to the development site in question within the Hunterston Construction Yard. In terms of the main planning application for the RAS facility, final technical details are being worked on with regard to the plans and it is hoped that the planning application will then be submitted.

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What's a PAN?

A Proposal of Application Notice (PAN) is submitted by the developer to the council. It is a notice to the council advising how the developer plans to engage with the community prior to any planning application. This allows the community to put their views about any thinking of development directly to the developer before a planning application is submitted.


Our intention

The new RAS facility is expected to create around 35 specialist jobs and support the wider supply chain.

The planning application notice was submitted to North Ayrshire Council on January 19, 2023. Bakkafrost Scotland is also currently developing its first RAS facility at Applecross in the Highlands.

This investment will create local specialist jobs and support the wider local economy.


What is RAS?

RAS technology is a self-contained, indoor land-based aquaculture system which allows salmon to be reared for longer in freshwater tanks before being moved to marine sites. Greater control of the freshwater rearing environment means that farmers can produce larger juvenile salmon (called smolt) which reduces the time at sea and biological risk of rearing in the marine environment.

It has been designed to look aesthetically pleasing externally and internally there will be an education centre and viewing gallery.


Why Hunterston

Hunterston PARC’s vision is to create a nationally significant Energy and Marine campus, bringing together leading industry operators, world-class universities and the latest innovators.

Hunterston’s port would allow access for our boats and with the great transport links.

Hunterston Render


January 2023: Lodged a proposal of application notice (PAN) for a ‘recirculating aquaculture system’ (RAS) facility at Hunterston Port and Resource Centre (PARC)

March 2023: Hosts public exhibitions

April-June 2023: Gather feedback and action

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Contact us

If you would like to share any thoughts or questions about the project, please contact us at