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About us

Provenance and sustainability at our core.

Who we are

Bakkafrost Scotland is the leading producer of the finest quality Scottish salmon operating over 60 sites across the West Coast of Scotland and Hebridean Islands. We employ over 500 people across our remote communities and are passionately committed to the environmental, cultural and economic sustainability of rural Scotland.

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Our Values

Our activities and decisions are driven by our values and are integral to our sustainability pillars, Healthy Business, Healthy People, Healthy Salmon, Healthy Communities and Healthy Environment.



We are proud of our provenance, bringing together our cultural differences to raise sustainable, nutritional salmon, with full value chain integrity.

  • We understand, embrace and promote our cultural differences
  • We are united, proactively promoting diversity and the value we all bring to the success of the business
  • We have a responsibility to the wider supply chain, and the world population, to sustainably supply healthy and nutritious food for the growing population
  • We have responsibilities and we are confident in taking accountability for our actions to deliver our national and international commitments


We celebrate our passion for our business and our people, who go above and beyond to accomplish our shared purpose, together. This is our competitive advantage.

  • We are innovative, determined to drive efficiencies in our business, surpassing customer expectations in delivering outstanding quality, value and service
  • We are persistent in setting, meeting and delivering the highest standards and best practise
  • We create positive working environments and relationships – with passion we nurture ideas, inspire excellence and eliminate obstacles
  • We celebrate our collective and individual efforts, embracing our shared values


We respect and care for our natural environment, each other, our employees and our local communities in which we live and work – sustainability is at the heart of everything we do.

  • We show empathy and act with humility.
  • We respect our customers, partners, colleagues and our environment, conducting ourselves to the highest level of integrity, care and fairness
  • We listen, learn and collaborate – working in partnership internally, with our supply chain and communities
  • We lead by example communicating openly and transparently

Our Sites

Our sites are based across the West Coast of Scotland and Hebridean Islands. The lochs in these remote areas provide the ideal conditions for rearing Scottish salmon. Our salmon are exclusively raised on the West Coast of Scotland and Hebridean Islands.

7 Freshwater Sites

35 Marine Sites

2 Harvest Station

3 Processing Sites

1 Head Office

Opportunities with Bakkafrost Scotland

We offer a diverse range of exciting employment opportunities across our business, from Marine and Freshwater, to Processing and Biology and many more.