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People stories

Meet our people.

Our people

Our people are at the heart of our business. Their passion, dedication and expertise are essential for producing the finest quality Scottish Salmon.

Meet some of our team below and hear about their varying roles within Bakkafrost Scotland.

James Ronald CS

James Ronald

Marine Site Manager at Upper Loch Fyne

James landed his current role after progressing through the BFS Competency Framework and has been promoted from Marine Operative through to Marine Site Manager. He has been with Bakkafrost Scotland all his working life, joining as a 16-year-old.

James says: “I start my day with an informal team meeting in the morning to discuss the day ahead. I delegate tasks and we discuss updates and any queries anyone has.

I discuss our feeding with a Senior Marine Operative to ensure we’re working to the same plan and maximising our feed strategies. I check how the cleanerfish are performing, the cleanliness of the nets and the condition of the fish.

As a site manager, I carry out many other tasks from orders and invoicing to liaising with our biology department about fish health and ensuring the site’s KPIs are being met.

Aquaculture is a new, ever-changing industry and at Bakkafrost Scotland there are endless opportunities.”

Matilda Lomas

Matilda Lomas

Veterinary Practice & Cleanerfish Manager

Matilda, who has progressed from an Administrative Assistant in the Biology Team, loves that every day in her job is different.

She spends her days either coordinating the logistics of safely deploying cleanerfish to live alongside our salmon or, planning months and years in advance to contribute effectively to our sea lice management plans or, visiting the cleanerfish hatcheries to monitor their health and welfare, before going out to sea with them on deployment days.

Matilda says: "Aquaculture is a crucial provider of secure employment. I never actually considered a career in aquaculture but there are so many great opportunities, I’m glad to be a part of it.

I knew nothing before I joined the industry – I have learnt so much from people who are passionate about fish health and welfare. I can also now drive a forklift!

I would particularly encourage women to join aquaculture – there are so many roles on offer! We just need more to join us."


Todd Laursen

Processing Team Leader at Cairndow

Todd enjoys working in a fast-paced environment, the guaranteed hours and possibility to advance.

He says: “I needed a job I could excel at, and I found it at Bakkafrost Scotland.

I start my day by getting organised. I set up our work station and I assign positions to staff, making sure they have everything they need to do their job. I review our order list and communicate with other departments.

The main skills relevant to my role are being a team player, problem solving, patience, communicating well and getting to know the staff.

I like working in a fast-paced environment with guaranteed hours and the possibility to advance. I’ve received lots of training at Bakkafrost Scotland, including forklift, manual handling and first aid. The job is rewarding, with room to grow. I’m looking forward to progressing further.”