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Healthy salmon

Exceeding leading standards

Our Scottish Salmon

Fish health and welfare is of the utmost importance to us. We are fully engaged in all stages of the value chain; from freshwater and marine farming through to processing and sales, ensuring full traceability and supply chain integrity.

Find out more information and view our Scottish Salmon range in our catalogue below.

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We have a substantial investment programme over the next five years to strengthen, grow and transform our business.

  • Fundamental is our development of Recirculation Aquaculture Systems (RAS) facilities that gives us greater control of the freshwater rearing environment, which supports the health and welfare of our salmon while improving consistency and quality for customers. Find out more here.
  • We are committed to high levels of Health & Welfare, using the latest natural and sustainable technologies, including increasing freshwater treatment, and cleaner fish, investing in fleet of specialised vessels.
  • Improved productivity at processing facilities, including the latest processing technology and automation for gutting and our pioneering pre-rigor filleting process.
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Sustainable feed

High quality Scottish Salmon depend on high quality feed. That’s why we’ve introduced Havsbrún feed, part of the Bakkafrost Group, which ensures total supply chain integrity. Havsbrún feed is:

  • Rich in Omega-3
  • 100% natural pigment
  • Free from GMOs
  • Free from steroids
  • Free from hormones
  • BAP certified as well as ISO9001:2015, GMP+ B1, GlobalG.A.P, IFFO RS and MSC
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Pre-rigor filleting process

As pioneers of pre-rigor filleting, we have extensive experience of this process across our plants. Filleted immediately after harvest delivers industry-leading quality and freshness. The benefits include:

  • Fresher product with firmer texture
  • More resistant to physical damage such as softness and gaping
  • Improved handling during initial and further processing
  • Up to 3 additional days shelf life due to shorter supply chain

Our quality guarantee

The quality of our Scottish Salmon is dependent on the natural environmental conditions in which they are reared, our commitment is to the highest health and welfare standards, alongside our sustainably sourced top-quality feed.

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Sustainable nutritious protein production - Aquaculture has been identified as a sustainable solution to meet the increasing demand for nutritious protein to feed the growing population. Farmed salmon is among the healthiest protein sources with it’s high content of omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin D, selenium, and B vitamins.


Health & welfare - We are committed to the health and welfare of our salmon, creating the highest standards of welfare across our value chain to ensure healthy growth.


Best practice - First producer in Europe to achieve 4-star Best Aquaculture Practice (BAP) certification. Our dynamic and integrated Fish Welfare Standard focuses on driving continuous improvements at each stage of the value chain to ensure best practice underpins everything we do. It is a unique approach – we are the only salmon producer with their own standard.


Code of good practice

The production of our farmed Atlantic salmon matches their natural lifecycle. We follow the Code of Good Practice for Scottish Finfish Aquaculture (CoGP) at every production stage. This includes brood fish (which provide eggs), the freshwater and seawater development stages, and the processing operations (where fish are prepared for transport to fishmongers, supermarkets and restaurants).

Salmon Lifecycle

Step 1 - Spawning Eggs
Step 2 -  Alevin
Step 3 - Fry/Parr
Step 4 - Smolt
Step 5 - Adult Salmon
Step 6 - Broodstock
Salmon Farming Infographic
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Our accreditations

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Sales Enquiries

Sales Enquiry

Our Sales Team are always on hand to support you. If you have any enquiries, simply click below or contact us directly on +44 (0) 131 718 8512.