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Bakkafrost Scotland wins prestigious award at Highlands and Islands Food and Drink Awards

Bakkafrost Scotland wins prestigious award at Highlands and Islands Food and Drink Awards

Bakkafrost Scotland has picked up the prestigious Primary Producer award, at this year’s Highlands and Islands Food and Drink Awards in Inverness.

With a total of 15 categories, The Highlands and Islands Food and Drink Awards, now in its 18th year, showcase and celebrate excellence and achievements in the food and drink sector, from world-renowned businesses to small innovative producers.

The primary Producer award was sponsored by industry trade body, Salmon Scotland, and was presented to Bakkafrost Scotland in recognition of the business’ responsible business growth and commitment to the environmental, cultural and economic sustainability of rural Scotland.

The judging panel felt Bakkafrost Scotland had highlighted its responsibility in terms of working and living in economically fragile areas and were ‘committed to creating shared value’.

Awarding Bakkafrost Scotland, the judging panel said:

“This business has a true commitment to Scottish provenance, offering the highest quality production standards to ensure their products are fit for their supply chain.

“Our winner has really identified the importance of transparency for their customer, offering complete traceability of their products to convey a truly unique provenance story. With an impressive export strategy and equally impressive B2C strategy, our winner is a knockout.”

Native Hebridean salmon is a local native breed that grows well in its natural environment. The guaranteed provenance of our Native Hebridean Salmon and integrated value chain underpins the integrity of our brand with provenance guaranteed.

It is fully traceable to the Scottish waters in which it is raised, and the salmon is robust, lean, and noticeably firmer. It is harvested and processed in Stornoway, delivered as fresh fillets to our Stornoway smokehouse where artisan smokers hand cure it using our ‘Traditional Island Recipe’ of finely crushed sea salt before it is laid out for the aromatic oak kiln smoke wood shavings of aged Scotch whisky barrels. The sea-fresh flavour, quality appearance and exceptional eating quality are all as a result of years of research and development work.