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Bakkafrost Scotland shortlisted for two awards

Bakkafrost Scotland shortlisted in two categories for the Aquaculture Awards 2023

Bakkafrost Scotland has been shortlisted in two categories in the 2023 Aquaculture Awards - Animal Welfare and Fish Farmer of the Year.

The Aquaculture Awards celebrate initiatives, cutting-edge technological advancements, companies, or individuals making a remarkable contribution to the aquaculture industry worldwide. These are assessed by a panel of specialists from across the global aquaculture sector.

We take a company-wide approach to improving Animal Welfare. Our approach includes the deployment of two well boats, including the latest addition to Bakkafrost Scotland’s fleet investment programme. The well boats are conducting combined freshwater bathing (for AGD suppression) and freshwater FLS (for sea lice removal) in one treatment, resulting in gentle and reduced handling through less crowding and fewer handling events for the fish.

James Ronald was shortlisted for the Finfish Farmer of the Year award because of his unwavering commitment to implement positive changes across Bakkafrost Scotland marine sites. Ronald’s expertise extends to all areas of marine farming, and he is committed to a SAIC mentoring role, developing and supporting the farmer of the future.

Iain Laister, Bakkafrost Scotland managing director said:

“We are delighted to be shortlisted for two Aquaculture Awards this year. We are committed to improving fish welfare, biological performance, and welfare standards through investments in cutting-edge technology. We are equally committed to staff development, and James is recognised for the hard work and dedication to our business and strong ethics as a fish farmer.”

The winners will be announced at a presentation on Thursday 15 June in Inverness.