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When we first named Applecross RAS and started building, we planted a Scottish Apple Tree – surrounded by hillside and heather. To our amazement this year, it produced apples. With Apple Day 2023 approaching on 21st October, we decided to celebrate.

Apple Day originated in London in 1990 as a celebration of sustainability, marking the transition from summer to autumn, and the great produce that ripens in this period – particularly apples. Celebrations nationwide will bring communities together in their shared appreciation for all things apple-related.

Since its inception, Apple Day has grown into a broader opportunity to raise awareness not only of the importance of our orchards but also of the origin and traceability of our food. This aligns with our values, in particular our Native Hebridean Salmon, where we focus on the importance of food provenance. The success of our apple tree is a really good example of a product, which given the right levels of support, can thrive in an environment which is not naturally its own. Getting the tree to produce this many apples in a relatively harsh setting is something to celebrate in style.

Growing your own food stands as one of the most sustainable actions that we can all take in the drive toward net zero. At Applecross, our team sets an example by gifting each member of staff a jar of apple jelly produced by a local artisan jam maker Rose Cottage Country Kitchen, with apples from our tree. So, while our apple tree offers a delightful way to enjoy this autumn, it’s also a reminder of the actions we can all take to incorporate healthy, sustainable practices into our daily lives. For you, this could mean starting to grow your own food, opting for in-season and local produce, or exploring ways to diversify your diet. Whatever you choose, the most important thing is getting involved and playing your part in making a difference.