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Thank you to those who attended the Fairlie RAS public consultations

Thank you to the attendees of the Hunterston public consultations

Last Thursday (30 March) Bakkafrost Scotland held the final public consultation event for the Fairlie RAS, at West Kilbride village hall. These public engagements were an opportunity to explain the development plans for the facility and answer any questions the local community had.

We held three events in total to ensure an inclusive approach.

Comments from the feedback forms include:

“Innovative idea and a good step forward towards production with a reduction on the use of natural resources. Look forward to its completion!”

“Fantastic plan for freshwater site on a previous construction yard, which will hopefully employ local people and provide education on how salmon farming actually works!”

“I am very impressed with the plan Bakkafrost have for Hunterston. From the plans I’ve seen, the buildings on the proposed site are non-intrusive and their scale does not dwarf the landscape.”